交易量 USD
实时价格 USDT
状态 流通量 发行总量 最大发行量 币种市值
enable 110551965.0 1000000000.0 1000000000.0 103121960.8983

DODO-DODO Token-实时行情走势图

DODO-DODO Token-实时行情走势图

DODO-DODO Token-历史价格走势图

DODO-DODO Token-历史价格走势图

DODO-DODO Token-[zh_CN]



DODO is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) running on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.  Developed by the DODO team, Proactive Market Maker (PMM) is an oracle-aided algorithm with an advanced pricing formula that provides contract-fillable liquidity. Traders get lower slippage with PMM than Automated Market Maker (AMM). PMM leverages price oracles to retrieve accurate market prices of assets as input. It then aims to provide sufficient liquidity near the market price for every asset. The result is that liquidity decreases rapidly when far away from the market price. The following graphs compare the price curves of DODO (PMM) and Uniswap (AMM).

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